About MemberPress

MemberPress is a popular plugin for securing and selling content on your WordPress site. It gives you full control about your website, and you can easily give members access to specific posts, pages or categories.

With MemberPress you are able to create as many subscriptions as you want. You can adjust the period, price, page rules and lots of more for each subscription. The plugin generates automatically a registration and login form for you.

Pronamic Pay and MemberPress

Selling these subscriptions can be done by the Pronamic Pay plugin. Pronamic Pay plugin extends the MemberPress plugin and makes it possible to connect to multiple payment providers not supported by the plugin itself.

Mollie for MemberPress

One of the most popular payment providers in Europe is Mollie. MemberPress does not support the Mollie payment provider by default, but Pronamic Pay plugin makes this possible! Besides that, with Mollie and Pronamic Pay it’s also possible to offer recurring payments.

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Manuals and documentation

Read our manuals for more information regarding installations and configuring Pronamic Pay.